Disclosure is crucial!

  There are many groups of ets around us right now.  They have always been here but right now is critical.  Do you wish to see them?  Some groups are acting in our best interest, some definitely are not. There is a general rule in the galaxy that they can't interfere unless we ask them.  Some groups ignore this rule.  Human leadership, including political, religious and media are  being   mentally influenced by these ets.  They do this for various reasons but the main one is to keep their existence hidden.  If we want cheap and clean energy we should encourage these nefarious groups to leave.   They will do that if they are exposed.  If we mentally (or out loud) ask them the more beneficial groups will show their ships.   There are thousands of them.  Some are quite large.   Think about it carefully because it will come as a shock to a lot of people but if you would like things to change ask them to appear visually. The domain names and are for sale. Use the c

Just look up.

  Until I get this site put together or sold, just look up.  They are literally all over the place.  Use an ir camera because most of them are cloaked to the visible.  Use slow-mo (at least 120 fps) because they move very, very fast.    They come in all shapes and sizes.  Usually they conform to a spherical, cylindrical or saucer shape and are piloted by the widest variety of beings imaginable.   Some are built and are piloted by humans.   They use energy sources that humans reverse engineered 70 yr ago.  This technology has been kept secret because of powerful special interests.  The ets (both good and bad) are not allowed to show themselves until we ask them to.  If you think you can handle it ask them.  They will hear you.   The domain names and are for sale. Use the contact for to make an offer, Look at @courtneyBrownFarsight on Instagram for some videos.